* 3/5 1997 † 20/1 2009

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At the 21st of January 2009 I had to take the sad decision
to let Bølle go to sleep. She had a lump of cancer at her neck and some on her body, too, so I called the vet, who came
and took care of, that she should not "cry" anymore,
when I tried to pet her or to take her to my lab.
She was laying on the dinner table - as she often did - and fell asleep, while I hold her close to me - - - now she is laying here:

at the edge of the flowerbed, where she loved to sit, when she many years ago was a "little girl" and a outdoor-cat.
Below you can read what she told about herself,
while she was living here.
I miss her - - -

Pictures of Bølle here

If you do not want to listen to "You will never walk Alone",
while you are reading, stop it below


My name is Bølle (Rowdy), but I am no rowdy at all - anyway not any more. When I was a kitten, Mum said, that sometimes I was a Rowdy-kitty, because I often teased my brothers. I am younger sister to Gråmis (Grey-pus) and elder sister to Prik (Dot).
I was born the 3rd of May 1997, and I am a very nice and very soft cat and I am very clever catching mice.

Now a day some of the other cats chase me a little bit. Mum says they have to leave me alone and then I run to the scullery to sleep in the window, from where I can watch the birds outside, when they are dinning on the "birds' dinner table". In the wintertime I like to stay in the dinning room, I love to sleep in the rocking chair or under the table where the heath from the wood stove can reach me.

Before the Kitty's Village was built I loved to be in the garden, when Mum was out there, too. Some years ago some men from the light and power company came to cut some of the very tall trees in the back of our garden. Mum had called the company because the trees almost touched the wires. The men from the company came and sawed and made a lot of noise, and all the big branches fell down on the farmer's field right outside our garden. The men just left them there; they said that they should not remove them, but only cut them down.

After some days Mum had the time to drag all the big branches into our garden, where she would cut them to pieces for use in the wood stove.

I would like to help her, because I knew that sometimes there was a mouse or two hiding in places like that.

Mum went for some of the branches and dragged them to our garden, while I checked if there was some mouse. There was one, and I caught it and went to the garden, where Mum was placing the branches near the stack shed. I sat down and ate the mouse. Then Mum left for more branches and I went along, too. Maybe there were more mice. Yes! There was one more. I caught it and ate it while Mum was putting the branches on the top of the others. Them Mum left for the last branches, and again I went along. And would you believe it, there was a mouse that time, too, which I caught. But now I had enough and could not eat it, but meant that Mum should have it, so I put it for her in front of the kitchen door. I am sure she liked it, because the next time I passed by the door, it was gone.

Before we got the Kitty's Village I often went a morning-trip along the road with Mum, both in the summer and the wintertime. But she always made a lot of noise with her feet, just walking along without taking her time listening for the mice in the grass. But I could hear them anyway, and when I stopped and stood quite still, she stopped, too, and then I caught the mouse. Mum always asked if she might have it, and then I put it just in front of her. Sometimes the mouse was not quite dead, and tried to run away, but then I caught it once more.

Mum was always very happy when I gave her the mouse and said I was a very clever cat. I think she ate them, but I am not sure, because I never saw it. Maybe she took them to the house and shared with Dad, because sometimes I saw her taken what ever I caught for her into the kitchen!

Some day I caught a small bird. Mum said it was a golden-crested wren. It was very small indeed, and I gave it to her when she asked for it. Anyway, there were not much food on that little bird! She put the bird in a small plastic-box and put the lid on, although the bird did not move at all. Mum saw it had a small ring on its leg, and she wanted to look at the ring, when she had finished some work in the kitchen.

Half an hour passed by, and Mum wanted to look at the small bird's ring. But suddenly the bird was alive - ! - it flew out the box when she took off the lid. Of course I was nearby, I had stayed on the kitchen table and watched the box all the time, because I heard some small noises from the box. The bird fluttered around in the kitchen, and I wanted to help Mum catching it, but she scouted at me and said that I had to leave the bird alone, and at last she caught it without any help from me! Then she again put it into the box and went outside and took the lid off, and of course the bird flew away.
I thought it was a little strange, as she looked almost happy, when she saw the small bird sitting on a branch nearby, because I did have some difficulties catching it for her at the first time!

Some other day I have found a very funny "play pal" at the lawn, a small young hare. Mum saw through the kitchen-window I "played" with it, but then she came running shouting very load. Both the young hare and I became very frightened. The hare run towards the road, but the gate was not open and it runs right against it and fell to the ground. It looked, as it was dead. I thought I might have it, anyway I did find it at the first time, but no! Mum put it in a box and brought it to the kitchen, where it was for almost an hour. Later on the day I saw from the window, that she was carrying the box to the farmer's field just across the road, and put the young hare in the cornfield so nobody could see it anymore!

Mum says I am a great "climbing cat" because I love tall trees. But some morning before we got the Kitty's Village I was outside, and I climbed one of the very tall trees in our garden. I wanted to catch some of the birds hopping around in the tree, but they flew higher and higher up the tree and suddenly I realised I was very high up and I did not know how to come down!

I head Mum calling for me, as we were to walk our morning trip on the road, and I answered her every time she called, and then she saw I was up the tall tree. She told me to get down, but I did not dare, because I was very high up. Then she went for a long stick which she use to use, when she picks plums or apple's in the garden. She could reach the branch I was sitting on with the stick, and then she shook the branch, so I fell down through the tree.

I was very much afraid, because it was a long way to fall, but the tree is a kind of a pine tree with very tight branches with many flat needles; and the tight branches make me not just falling, but glided through the tree. I indeed was scared and I think Mum was scared, too, but she comforted me and said I should not climb that high tree anymore. But I thought it was so exciting with all those "stupid" birds flowing higher and higher up the tree, although they at last flew away!

Another morning I had climbed the next neighbour's very tall tree in the middle of their garden. The tree is very old and has a very thick trunk with lots of cracks where I could put my claws, when I want to climb down. Below the tree hung the neighbour's big fishing net. He use to caught some fish in the Smålandshavet ("Small Islands' Sea") not so far from here, and the net hang below the tree to dry.

Mum was standing on the road and called for me, and as I wanted to come home to her very quickly, I jumped from the tall tree and landed in the middle of the net. The net was almost like a sack because the neighbour had hung it between the tree and a pole in the other end of the garden. Suddenly I was caught in the "fishing net sack" and became very frightened, as I could not find my way out. I mewed very loud and was almost screaming, because I was quite sure I was caught and never would come free again. Luckily Mum came into the garden and extricated me from the net. It was very nice, and I sat on her shoulder and snuggled to her neck, while we were walking back home. Mum said I was no fish, but a nice and soft cat and that I should keep away from the neighbours fishing net.

To day I have The Kitty's Village to stay in, and I can climb on all the poles if I want to, but some times it is a little irritating that I can not catch the blackbirds at the lawn just outside the fence. They are not a bit afraid of me, although I am sitting just inside the fence meowing at them and waving my tail. They are just jumping around on the lawn pulling earthworms up the ground, but well, I love to stay here at Spurvely anyway!

Kind regard the "climbing cat" Bølle

© Bølle

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