Do you want to pat a tiger or talk to a cheetah ?

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At my late six-month visit at my dentist I saw a nice certificate on the wall in his waiting room.

Normally I start the "check-up" saying, I don't like dentists, but as it must be - - -

We usually talk a bit about the great passion we share: cats, until "the check" can't be delayed anymore and the conversation is mostly "one-way", as it can be a little difficult to express your opinion with an open mouth!

Well, the dentist is kind; he can't help that I in my younger days had a bad experience consulting a dentist. But at the last visit I just had to ask about the nice certificate in his waiting room, and then I just opened my mouth and listened.

The certificate was an adoption-certificate for a cheetah cub, "Fluffy", which Arne - the dentist - and his wife had adopted. It lives in South Africa at Cango Wildlife Ranch, and in spite of "no wholes" the check became a little longer than usually. Arne showed me some photos of the very sweet "kitty" and told a lot of interesting things about Cango Wildlife Ranch and the great work, they are doing conserving the cheetah and other endangered species.

Cango Wildlife Farm was started as a crocodile ranch in 1977. Purchased by Andrew and Glenn Eriksen in 1986 the focus of the ranch shifted towards the plight of endangered species.

Cango Wildlife Farm has grown to a large tourist attraction and is ranked as one of the top five breeding facilities for the endangered cheetah in the world. Running the Farm is founded on private and voluntary contributions only.

You can read about Cango Wildlife Farm here.

When I left the dentist's clinic he told me that he and his wife were going to South Africa for a holiday and to visit "their cheetah", and he promised he would "talk big" about the experiences and show me some photos when he had returned from the holiday.

Although there are a few months until my next "check up" at Arne, I have already seen the wonderful photos from their holiday, and I got his permission to put some of them on my site.

They took a lot of very nice and impressing photos - in fact several hundreds - and it has been very difficult to choose which to use on my site.

Below you may see photos of "Fluffy" - and Arne and Lotte - White Bengal Tigers and a few more photos from their holiday.

Thanks a lot to Arne and Lotte sharing their fantastic experiences with me!

After seeing the beautiful animals and the wonderful place where they live, I signed up for The Cheetah Conservation Foundation.

By this foundation you will be able to support with any amount fit for your wallet, and you may learn how to adopt a cheetah, a tiger, a wild dog or another endangered animal - - and you will receive this for you wall, a newsletter several time a year - etc.

Have a nice tour among cheetahs, tigers etc., by the links to Arne and Lotte's photos below.

Kind regards Ellen-Sofie, webmaster

30th May 2005



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