1st March 2001

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Dolly tells:

If you do not want to listen to Dolly's purring
while you are reading, make her silent below

My name is Dolly and I came to Spurvely with my brother Blackie, but I think he had told how that happened.

In the beginning, when we were eating the birds' food, Mum sometimes stood in the kitchen and looked at me through the window, while I was eating, but I did not like that. When I saw she caught an eye on me I ran away, but after some time I found out she was not dangerous, but just were looking at me.

Mum thought I looked like a Dalmatian dog - a DOG, would you believe it! She called me "The Dalmatian Cat". Luckily she found out it was no good name for me!

Then she called me "Dalle", but that was a stupid name, too, as it made her think of a big warehouse in Copenhagen, which once upon a time were called "Dalle-Valle" as nickname, so that was no good name either.

Then some day, when Blackie and I were eating at the front door, I got scared and begun to run away. Mum was standing at the door and she just said: "Dolly! Don't be afraid!" The name just popped out her mouth, and I did not run away but came back to the door and ate. That's how I got my name.

At the very first I did not like her standing looking at me when I was eating, so I waited behind the corner of the house or behind the garage until Blackie meowed to tell me there were food at the door. But after a while I found out Mum was nice, and today I love her very much. Sometimes Mum stood for a long time and looked at Blackie while he was eating and meowing at the same time, and sometimes there were almost no food left, when I dared to come to the food bowl. If Mum saw there were nothing left for me, she went for more food.

When the snowstorm came, which I think Blackie had told about, we came into the house. Before that Mum placed the food in the garage or at the kitchen door, or maybe we just came inside "The old Kitchen" (the hall) by the front door, but I did not like when she closed the front door. The very fist time she did it, I felt I was caught and jumped on the table at the window, where some potted plants were. The plants turn over and the earth and the plants were spilt all over the table. Mum did not get angry bud said I don't need to be afraid.

At Christmas time 2001 Mum noticed that I was growing a little thicker, she watched me and felt on my belly several times. I did not like her feeling on my belly, it was hurting a little.

One day Mum found two boxes and put Blackie in the one and me in the other. I did not mind being locked up in the box, as long as it was on the table in the old kitchen and I could see Blackie in the other box. But when Mum carried the boxes to the car and Dad started the car and begun to drive, I was very scared. Mum sat between the two boxes at the backseat and said, we were not to be afraid, but although she tried to comfort me through the bars in the box, I cried all the way to the vet. The vet was nice, but I grew so very sleepy talking to him and I fell asleep at the table in his clinic. I did not wake up until I was back in the house again and lay on the bed next to Blackie in "Ulleren's Room" upstairs.

Blackie had slept, too, but he woke up very quickly, while I was feeling so sick and my belly hurt very much. Mum came and forced me to eat some small, round, white things. Ugh! They were disgusting even Mum put some "mackerel salad" on them. I spit them out several times, but at last I had to swallow them. I helped a little on my hurting belly, but that experience I did not wanted anymore, so I hide in the corner of the room beneath the bed. I sat there for two days.
Mum came several times with food and water, but I did not come out until she had left the room. Luckily Blackie was in the room all the time to comfort me, and he was talking to Mum every time she came upstairs, but he was never forced to eat some of those disgusting white things!

Little by little my belly did not hurt so much, and I was not felling dizzy anymore. Mum kept telling me I was "a sweetie" and she was so happy she took me to the vet, or I would had died.

Mum thought I was going to have kittens, but I was not, although I grew thicker and thicker. When the vet operated me he found out I had uteritis, and that I was not pregnant. He told that if Mum had waited a week bringing me to the vet, I had died. I rather be alive and play in The Cats' Village with Blackie or with some of the other cats living here, or maybe lay on the bed in "my room" (it will say Ulleren's Room) with Garfield, even Blackie gets a little jealous when I do it. Although I have seen one gets nice flowers and stones like Ulleren and Pussi got, when they suddenly not were here anymore, it is much better being alive!

Now I may sleep in the bedroom with Mum and Dad. I do not want to sleep in their bed - well, maybe just for a moment. Mum says I have to go down because I am pushing to her all the time, if she is reading a book; but I think she had to stroke me instead of reading that book!

Mum bought a very big pair of "slippers", which I am sleeping in. One slipper is in "my room" and the other slipper is in the bedroom next to the radiator, and that is a very nice place to sleep. Sometimes Blackie is allowed upstairs, too, in the night, but only in the wintertime, as he meows loudly as soon as the sun raises, and then he wakes up Mum and I, and we do not like that very early in the morning!

I had started to sleep in the offices or in the dinning room or in the Yellow Corridor, but then I got ill again. I was so tired out and I slept all the time. I did not care for all the good cats' food, and I almost drank nothing. First I lay on one of the guest chairs in Mum and Dads "sharing office". Blackie was often lying besides me to comfort me, and Garfield passed by to se how I was going, and all the other cats could not understand why I did not want to play anymore.
Then Mum thought I should have some peace and quiet, she stood at the door to the old kitchen and called for me and said, I had to go upstairs. I love her very much, so I do want to do what she is telling me, so I jumped from the chair and went very slowly towards the door and out in the old kitchen and the hall, where the staircase is. Mum walked upstairs calling me, and I tried to follow her, but my paws felt so very heavy, indeed, and I only managed to take two or three steps up the stair, then I fell down again. Mum rushed to the foot of the stair and carried me upstairs and put me in one of the slippers to sleep. In the night-time she took me to the slipper next to her bed, so she could keep an eye on me while she was sleeping. I do not know how she can sleep and keep an eye on me at the same time, but maybe she is some kind of a cat, too, as we can hear and feel almost everything, although we are sleeping. She brought some food and water, too, and she saw to the door to "my room" was open so I could use the cats' toilet in there if I had to. But I was just sleeping all the time.
After some days Mum was very worried and thought she might take me to the vet. I do not know if it was her "thinking of the vet" making me well. He is nice, I have said that before - but suddenly I became well and Mum was very happy and so was I, and now I sleep in my slipper every night, even I am not ill anymore. I almost know the time for bed, so if it is bedtime, and Mum did not noticed the time, I ask her to open the door so I can come upstairs and sleep in my slipper.

I am very happy to live here. I love the houses in The Kitty's Village and the shelves, too. Mum put some garden chairs in the Village, they are very nice to lay or sleep on.

I may sleep almost anywhere - even on Dannebrog! (The Danish flag).

Some day Mum run up the flag, when it grew almost dark outside she run it down again and folded it up and put it on the table in the old kitchen. She wanted to bring it upstairs to its box next time she had to go upstairs. I was making myself comfortable in my slipper upstairs, when I heard her downstairs, so I went downstairs to take a look. She asked if I wanted to go to the offices but I just jumped on the table and lay down on the flag. It looked almost like a nice, red blanket - - just meant for cats? Mum mumbled a little about it was no blanket, but I was allowed to stay on it until bedtime, where Mum took the flag upstairs and put it into its nice gold-box at the top of the old blue chest of drawers.

I love Mum and Dad and all the other cats living here, well, mostly Blackie and Garfield, and Merle just a little bit! She can be some hot-tempered thinking she might decide everything. But Mum helps me if she is too boldfaced; by the way Blackie is helping me, too. I am so happy he is my brother and is living here too.

Sometimes Mum ask me if I remember the time, when I stood outside eating the birds' food at the old garden table and looked very frightened every time she saw me. Of course I remember, but I do not think much about it anymore. She mostly says it when we are going to sleep and I am tripping around on her eiderdown pushing to the book she tries to read while she strokes my back. Then I often lick her hand to let her know I love her.

Kind cats-regards from Dolly

© Dolly
May 2005


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