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When I was looking for a very special present for my husband's 70th birthday, I found an advertisement from a ceramic artist in our local newspaper, she among other things builds models of small houses. There it was: the idea for a very special present: A "copy" of our old house.

I contacted the artist and ordered a "Copy of Spurvely".

The artist of course asked for photos and explanations about the house, what colour is was, where the windows and doors are located etc. So I found several photos I have shot through the years, and send them to her.
But to be sure that the windows, doors and all half-timbering was placed in the right way, I had to do a lot of measuring and take a lot of notes, to tell her how the windows, doors, the half-timbering etc. are placed. In fact I spent almost a whole day measuring and drawing, and for a while I felt almost like an architect.
As it was completely impossible to take any photo of the eastern gable I had to "draw a copy" of the gable.
The eastern gable is facing towards the road about 4-5 meters away, and about 3 meters from the house some very tall pine trees are growing. (You can see those tall trees at the left of the painting of our house at the "home"-page), and as we are very fond of those trees, I found no reason to cut them down just to take a photo or two of the gable. So I walked around the house - as I mentioned above for almost a whole day - "armed" with a folding ruler, a notebook and a pencil.
The results of my "walking around" was a file filled with photos and notes of any possible data I could think of the ceramic artist needed to make a pottery model of our house.

You can see some pictures of the pottery house here.

We think it is a very nice work, everything is very accurate and correct, even some of the flowers growing along the house can bee seen, and the very small black dot close to the window at the right on the photo "The house seen from northwest" is shown. The black dot is the air-condition from the kitchen, and the small grey square at the left of the door at the photos with the cats, is a small box containing the senders for our outdoor weather-stations.

If you look very closely at the windows you will notice, that some of the panes seems blue and some seems yellow. It's because some of the windows are "open" so we can put some light - small candles or small bulbs - inside the house, and the light will shine out through the "open" windows.

The house is placed in a central place in our dining-room, and we are pleased every day by looking at it.

The house was "built" by Hanne at Radbjerg Keramik. You can find her home-page here.

If you should need a nice and special gift for some special occasion, I am sure she will be able to make it for you just as you like it, you will find her mail-address etc. at her homepage.


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