23rd June 2004

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Lotte tells:

If you do not want to listen to Lotte's purring
while you are reading, make her silent below

My name is Lotte, and I am just a teenager. My name is Lotte because I won the "lotte-ry" when Dad chose which of Line's seven newborn kittens she might keep. I am glad he chose me, although Dad almost wanted to keep them all. "Oh! My Goodness!" Mum said when Dad said he most of all wanted to keep us all, and then he just chose me. I have heard that my siblings were brought to the vet, who said that an organisation called "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" would pay for them.

"Dyrenes Beskyttelse" is an organisation taking care of animal welfare etc. so I think it was the best way, when Mum and Dad could not keep us all - - - - -

I was born in the garage right on all the stones on the ground, but I have heard that Mum came with a box for Line-mum and I, so we would not lie on the ground.

After spending a fortnight in the garage Mum moved us to the stack shed, where we lived until I was two and a half month old.

I do not remember very much from the very first time, I slept all the time or drank milk and was taken care of by Line-mum, who cleaned me both on my head and on my bottom. When I was about a month old I started to walk and started to explore everything at the stack shed loft. There were many exciting things, boxes I could hide behind and lots of boards I could climb on. The boards were in a nice heap, when I started to use them as a climbing-tree, but one day the heap turned over, and Mum had to move them before she could come to our box at the loft. She put them in a flat heap, so I still could use them as a climbing tree.

I walked to the staircase a few times, because Line-mum went downstairs sometimes, but at the beginning I did not dare to walk down the stairs, I thought the stairs were so tall and I could not see the bottom. So I explored everything at the loft instead, but some day I had some very bad experience.

I crawled behind a box standing very close to the roof and it was very heavy. Some of the boxes at the loft moved a bit if I pushed them, but this box was filled with some small tiles, just like those on the floor in the bathroom in Spurvely.
It was Sunday the 25th of July and it rained very much, but the birds living outside did not care, they sat just outside in the gutter and searched for beetles or other kinds of insects to eat. I had often heard the birds tripping on the roof, but now they were sitting just outside the roof and I could see them, as there are some small crack between the roof and the floor at the loft, and I could see them just out there. It was very exciting and I struggled and pushed to the box to get closer. And then - well, I do not know exactly what happened, suddenly I fell deep, deep down at the lawn just outside the stack shed. I became very much afraid, and I meowed and meowed for help, I did not know where I was and it was cold and it rained very much.

Line-mum heard me crying for help so she ran down the stairs and jumped to the window to see if she could caught an eye on me, but she could not, she could only hear my loud cries for help outside the stack shed.

I do not remember for how long I went in the rain crying, I think it was a very long time, but maybe not. Mum was inside the house doing something in the kitchen, and she saw Line-mum sat in the window of the stack shed watching for something outside. Suddenly Mum got eyes on me reeling around in the rain in front of the port.

Mum rushed to the stack shed, and I got so scared I rolled to my back and showed her all my small claws and hissed at her.

But she did not care; she put me under her coat and opened the port and sat me besides Line-mum. Line-mum looked a little angry and confused but when Mum got our box, food bowl and cats toilet from the loft and placed it at the ground plane and put me into the box, then Line-mum jumped to the box and started to lick and clean me. I snuggled up to her and drank a lot of milk, and when I was full, warm and dry I fell asleep.

"Poor little pus!" Mum said, "how lucky I saw you, or you might be dead!" I do not know was that is, but it was indeed nice she took me back to Line-mum in the stack shed.

Well, that was some of a shock, but I soon found out there were lot of exciting things to play with at the ground plane, too. The seat of the garden tractor, where I could hide behind the small back, I could play peek-a-boo behind the small red sack truck, well, maybe it was not the best place to hide, but I tried anyway, and all the garden chairs were there to sleep on. The very great stack of firewood was very exciting, too, but when Mum saw I tried to crawl under all the wood, she covered the wood with a big tarpaulin so I could not crawl to all the exciting holes under the wood. She said, she did not want to move almost 20 cubic meters of wood to find me again if I got lost under the wood.

Well, there were other things to play with or hide behind, although Mum moved some of the things away. She even took some of them to her carport, she said she did not want me to turn them over or break them, because I might hurt myself, but then she came with some small balls and "play-mice" and other things I could play with. I liked very much to play with her, if I chased some of the "play-mice" under the garden tractor or somewhere else, where I could not reach them, she crawled - like a cat - on her four "paws", to get them for me. The next time she came to visit us with food and water, I had chased the "mice" under the garden tractor once more - - I thought she might have some fun playing, too, don't you?

Some day Mum put Line-mum in a box, in which I had played a lot, and took the box and Line away. Afterwards she took me into the house and to a room upstairs, where I stayed for some hours all by myself. Then Line-mum came back, but she was a little strange, she did not want to play with me, and I might not suck her anymore. Well, I saw she had a big wound on her belly with some black strings in and no fur at all at her belly. I tried to comfort her the best I could, and laid very careful besides her, when we slept.

We stayed in the room upstairs for a week before we came down to all the other cats in the house. In the beginning I was not very brave, but the other cats were not brave, either. Garfield was almost afraid of me, but now we are playing a lot. Mum says she is not quite sure, if Garfield is a tomcat or not - ? - but she hopes I am too small to those kind of things - - - jet! If not, I must go to the vet - - !

Well, hurry-scurry, it goes! Inside the house there are a lot of things I must inspect. Mum says I sometimes is a "small terrorist", but I have a lot of fun!

Turbo likes to play with me, mostly "hide-and-find". Gråmis (Grey-pus) thinks he can climb the climbing-pole in the dinning room just as high as I can, but he can not - ha-ha! I can climb at the top in "zero-point-zero" seconds!

Merle are some sulky. Sometimes when I just want to play with her, she growls and looks very angry, but I just lay down on the floor and behave as nothing, sometimes it helps and sometimes she hiss at me, too, then I walk away because I do not want to fight. Sometimes when Merle are hissing at me, Mum takes her to her lap and strokes her and says she is a nice little cat, and at the same time she strokes me, too, and tells me I am a nice cat, too. How strange? How can Merle be a nice cat, when she is hissing, well, I am nice, too, Mum says, so no problem, and I soon forget the hissing, because there are so many things to inspect at Spurvely!

I may sleep almost everywhere except in the window in the dinning room, where the phone is. The other cats are not allowed to sleep there either. But here are boxes, shelves and lots of blankets to sleep on, and a kind of cupboard Mum is calling "Granny's bureau", on top of it are a lot of cats - not real cats like I, but some "fur-cats". I thought it was toys for me, but Mum says I may not touch them, so if I sleep there I do not push them to the floor - - anymore!

I get a lot of nice food, but Mum often says I have to behave myself and eat nicely. But I made up a very funny game. In the kitchen there are some food bowls called "unable-to-turn-over-bowls", but that is not true - ha-ha! I found out, that if I put a paw at the edge of the bowl and pull it very quickly towards me, it turns over! Bang! Just up side down, and all the small food pills are all over the floor. That is great fun! I rush around catching them one by one and eat them, until Mum finds out and comes and sweeps them all to a dustpan and puts them in the bowl again. When she has left I might do the "turn-over-game" once more!

Well, I think I will stop telling about myself, and take a trip in The Kitty's Village. I have tried all the shelves, climbed almost every pole, watched the birds outside the net, and hide behind the houses to catch anybody walking by. The other day I tried to jump from one house to another, but I failed and fell into the big, green, round water-bowl. I was wet all over. Mum saw it from the window in The Yellow Corridor, but she just laughed. I hurried to shake my body and my paws and played on. I love to stay in The Village and I love to live at Spurvely.

Some day I might have some new, funny experiences - then I will tell a little more about myself.

Kind, soft, kitten-regards from Lotte

© Lotte
May 2005


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