If you do not like purring cats,  make them guiet below

Below you will find all the "cats-blinkies" I have used as header on the cats' pages.

Surfing the Internet I found the page:
http://www.lilmsglitter.com belonging to "Frooty".

I became very fascinated by her very beautiful and funny blinkies, and noticed that she made "private blinkies" for a smaller donation, which is used to keep her site "a live".

I noticed, too, that behind many - it will say almost any - of her blinkies is "an idea", a composition, which shows that her blinkies are made with care and second thoughts.

I therefore send her a mail asking if she would make some blinkies with my cats on, and she answered that she would do that, so I send her some photos of the cats and told a little about each cats' personality.

You can see the result below - and she just hit it !

During the production of the many blinkies Frotty got ill and had to go to the hospital for surgery and she almost gave up the production and offered to return the small donation I had send her, but lucidly she returned from the hospital pretty quickly, and even if she might think, that I waited too long for all my blinkies, they were certainly worth waiting for.

I think you should visit Frooty's page and take a look at all her beautiful and funny blinkies, and even if you just - and quite free of charge - can copy all her blinkies, I think you should send her a small donation if you copy several of them; there is a great and careful work behind each and everyone, and maybe you want her to make a blinkie just for you.

Have a good time on Frooty's page - and take a look on the cats' blinkies below, which tell about the cat's personality.

Kind regards Fie

Missemor: (Kitty-Mum)

She is just so beautiful, small and tiny like a ballerina - - and she once - believe it or not - overlooked a tiny little mouse sitting less than 10 inches away.

Gråmis: (Grey-pus)

He loves to "occupy" my armchair - and if I am sitting in it, he wants to stay just besides me.


She is a very beautiful "mice-trap" - one day she brought 16 mice to me - but these sweet ones she might have overlooked.


He is big, black and - well, almost a black panther.


She is SO cute.


If he was a human, he would bee a racer-driver - he is very speedy.


Blackie just LOVES water.


Some day, when we have had the flag up, I put it nicely folded on the table in the corridor - Dolly at once thought that it was a new "cats-sleeping-blanket" - just meant for her.


She loves boxes, cases and pails, well, everything she can hide inside.


Garfield is a true - Garfield, his best friend is the neighbour's black dog, here "disguised" as Odie.


- - is very sweet and helpful, every year she use to be very helpful e.g. making homemade cherry-juice.


- - thinks the best place to sleep is in the foot-end of my bed, where she sleeps every night, sometimes though, her sleep is disturbed by the mice dancing tango in the attic above the bedroom.


- - has an extra blinkie, this one was the first Frooty made, until I told her about Lotte's "sleeping-habits".


- - was the very first cat at Spurvely. She loved her Pussi-basket, but she did not like to be photographed - she always looked "angry" at the photographer.


- - loved sofas and soft armchairs. She was a very sweet cat, and I miss her very much.


- - was my outdoor cat for almost two years. He did not want me to touch him, but he loved to have his dinner served beneath the garden bench.


- - was just on the lawn one early morning. Though he did not bring the sign, the prayer was in his eyes.


- - is really able to feel at home - he often takes up the whole sofa.


- - Frooty made this very nice "Spurvely-blinkie", too, and at that occasion she was very kind to plant all the nice flowers in front of the house.


This Denmark-blinkie is made especially for me, the theme is Hans Christian Andersen.

Mew !
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