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You might find a lot of smart programs to generate a calendar just by typing a month and a year. Some programs have many designs or possibilities for putting photos on, too, but that was not "good enough" for me, so I chose to make my own design using Microsoft Word, it might be some more time-consuming than the "smart programs" but in that way I could decide how it should look like - mostly. So therefore are all my Cats' Calendars made using Word, I used the "table" for the calendar-days and filled the rest of a Word-document with "my own designs".
The front-page of the last 6 calendars and one month pr. year are shown here.

Some years ago it was quite common that one got a calendar from several firms or stores - sometimes very beautiful calendars - and all for free, if you just have had a tiny relationship to the firm or the store. At that time I every year received a special calendar-book from a great firm in Copenhagen, and on every day-sheet there were some small information about the date, e.g. some historical incident or a funny story with some connection to the date.
I thought this information were funny, interesting and educating, so I decided that my Cats Calendars had to have some kind of information, too, which might be interesting for the user to read, but because of "lack of space" I chose to make a supplement to the calendar, which I placed behind the month of December.

The 2002-calendar had 5 pages of supplement telling about the Kitty Village's houses and the cats, who were the inhabitants in The Kitty Village at that time.

The 2003-calendar had 14 pages of supplement telling about "Thoughts about a calendar, eras - - and a little more", in which I told about calendars/eras through time. My "thoughts" began with the Babylonian calendar about 6.000 BC and ended with a quotation of a famous Danish poet called Kumbel a pseudonym for the poet, writer, inventor and mathematician Piet Hein (1905-1996).
The quotation:
"When the time is 11.00 AM in Denmark, it is 05.00 AM in USA, 10.00 AM in London and 05.00 PM in China and app. 01.00 PM in Moscow.
We Danes are certainly a chosen people; we are born in this small, blessed country where the time is 11.00 AM, when it is 11.00 AM!"
I found the information for the supplement on the Internet and in old papers I still have about some lectures I gave during the years for e.g. Danish Radio Amateurs.

The 2004-calendar had 12 pages of supplement. "Horoscopes for Cats". I found the horoscopes at Sheba's homepage.
See an example here.
A good friend of mine however said he missed some marks for the Moon's phases, so I made some special editions of the calendar, where I marked the dates for the new/full moon and first/last quarter on the calendar and made a special quarter-supplement telling about the length of the day, plus/minus hours per day(light), number of the day, the moon's rise/set/first/last quarter and an explanation of why the days have the names they have. This supplement was a great success.
You might see the quarter of January here.

The 2005-calendar had 10 pages of supplement telling about the rules (law) for using the Danish flag and a list of dates called "The Official Days of flying the Danish Colors".

The 2006-calendar had 3 pages of supplement: "Why were the months given their names".
You might see 4 months here.

The 2007-calendar had 7 pages of supplement: "About floods". The idea to this supplement came to me the very first day I started on the 2007-calendar, as parts of Denmark, i.e. Lolland, where I live, was hidden by a flood doing great damages to land, houses, animals etc.

The above mentioned supplements are all supplement to the month-calendar only.

Five years ago - in 2002 - I made a week-calendar just for myself called "Scenes from Spurvely". I used photos shot during some years showing Spurvely (my house), the garden, the flowerbed, "my" birds in the garden, the vegetable garden etc. etc. The photos were going with the seasons.
Well, it is some more work to make a week-calendar than a month-calendar, but from the year 2006 I feelt for making a week-calendar again, where I could mark several red-letter-days, e.g. birthdays etc.
During the process making my own "private" week-calendar showing photos of my cats posing in sweet/funny situations, I got the idea to make a few "personal" week-calendars to some of my very good friends, too. And so I did. I had collected a lot of photos of their cats (and one dog - !), so they got a "personal" week-calendar with their own photos.
What a success! One of my friends even asked to buy an extra calendar as her mother-in-law's cat where on some of the weeks.
You might see examples for 2006 and 2007 here.

During the last two years I have got several good WEB-friends, i.e. via an Incredimail-group in USA, so for 2007 I made an USA-edition and a Canada-edition of my week-calendar, too, which I posted to "very special friends" across The Atlantic. Well, I had some problems to place the USA and Canadian holidays in their right places - ! - but with great help from some of my friends it succeeded.
You might see examples of my USA and Canada editions here.

Besides the "personal" week-calendars for 2007 I made a month-"doggy"-calendar for my very nice and very helpful neighbor with photos of him or his very sweet dog.
You might se an example here.

Up till now I have a list of 34 persons receiving my Cats Calendar, and a small funny thing took place when I - a fortnight before Christmas in 2005 - crossed the road to deliver the calendar to one of our very nice neighbors.
"Ohh! That will make Rasmine very happy!" the neighbor's wife exclaimed when she saw me coming with the envelope containing the calendar.
Rasmine - the neighbor's granddaughter, 7 years old - had begged her grandma and grandpa for the calendar from the last year, and she had send my neighbor a list of gift wishes for Christmas (17 wishes) and as the third wish she had written: "A Cats Calendar made by the lady living next to Grandpa!" - can anyone resist that - so the neighbor of course got an extra calendar. Short after Christmas I received the most sweet and lovely letter from Rasmine where she wrote that Lotte was her favorite cat.

I haven't decided yet how next year's calendars might look - but be sure - I'll think of something - - -

Best regards Fie - a "calendar-manufacturer"

Updated 24th of February 2007

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