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Why build a Kitty Village?

The first 5-6 years my husband and I lived at Spurvely, there were about 6-8 cats outside, which we called "ours". Some stayed a short period and then left for their former home, but some were - sadly - killed by cars on the road or by the farmers' big machines in the fields, where they tried to catch some mice.
Some stayed forever and are still here. You can read about them all at The Cats' Pages or At the Rainbow.

But, when I had buried 3-4 cats, which was very harrowing, I one day had to "scrape" a very big, nice, black tomcat called "Panterbarnet" (The Child of a Panther) off the road! That day I decided that when I got the money for it, I would have an enclosure for the rest of the cats, so I never ever again had such an experience.

I got that opportunity when I passed my 60th birthday, and received an amount of "frozen money" from a special fund. I contacted a minor construction firm in the neighbourhood, and asked them to do the job.

My husband and I had chosen the lawn behind the house to be the ground for the enclosure. First of all we did not use that part of the lawn very often, secondly an enclosure at that place did not spoil the entrance to the house or disfigure the house in any way.

Mike, the owner of the construction firm, came by, measured, made a drawing and a proposal for the enclosure and estimated the cost. I accepted his proposal without great changes and he, his brother and his wife started the building. The wife did all the painting of poles, balks etc.
The building period was 6th to 11th of August 2001.

The enclosure, at 80 m², were then called "Misselandsbyen" (The Kitty Village), and the cats' house "Missely" (Kitty-shelter), which had been at the kitchen door since 18th of July 1998, was moved to The Kitty Village standing on a base of an old door, a spare one from the garage.

Then I started the mounting of 9 sitting-sleeping shelves at the end and one of the "walls" of The Village. The shelves were cut out of great plywood plates. I got a lot of remains from the plates, which were not big enough for shelves. Those remains gave me the idea for building the three cathouses: "Tubber-Bo", "The-Pyh-Huset" and "Gråmmer-hus". (The names of the houses are associating to the cats' names).

In fact I used all the remains for the three houses, the only "remains from the remains" were the "cat-faces" from the entrance to the houses, which I used for the 3 inch door frame at "Ullers Minde" or "Uller Bo", as it was named from the beginning. The three houses have a base of some old pallets of plastic.
It took the period 30th August to 10th September 2001 to design, build and paint the three houses. After they were placed in The Village I put "windows and flowers" on the outside of the walls.

"Ullers Minde" (In Memory of Ulleren) was first named "Uller Bo" (Uller's Resident), but as Ulleren sadly died a short time after the house was built, I renamed it to "Ullers Minde". It was built of about 80 years old floor boards, remains from the renovation of my house in 1996, and others available bits of rafters, boards etc., the only thing I had to buy was the red plate of metal for the roof. The Ullers Minde is based on two big wooden pallets, and it gave space for a small terrace in front of the house.
It took the period 25th September to 16th October 2001 to design, build and paint Ullers Minde, and when I had to rename the house at 30th of November, I just turned the "name-shield" and painted the new name at the back.

Missely was built in 1998 and had been placed at the kitchen-door until The Kitty Village was ready. It was built of wooden plates, rafter etc., remains from that time when the "stack shed" got its walls.
It took the period 26th June to 17th July to design, build and paint Missely, and it has two chimneys just like Spurvely!

To day the inventory in The Kitty Villages are 5 houses with 7 flats and there are carpets on all the floors, 14 comfort-sitting-sleeping-shelves, a "Kronborgbænk" (bench-and-table-in-one, a special Danish garden furniture). On the top of the table is a foam rubber mattress wrapped in plastic and covered with a sheet.

Below the "Kronborgbænk" are two wooden pallets with a foam rubber mattress wrapped in plastic, too, on the mattress under the table are some white foam boxes and a basket meant for a dog! In the basket is of course a cat's blanket!

Of the 14 shelves are the 9 plywood shelves mounted at the poles in the end of The Village and 5 shelves mounted as a stairs along the house. The stair-shelves are made of floor and sealing boards and are covered with carpets.

As some of my cats can bee rather teasing and are blocking the way for each other by sitting or laying on the shelves along the house, I built a real stair. I mounted the stair perpendicular at the upper step of the 5 "stair-shelves" just outside the window in the yellow corridor, from where the cats have access to/from The Village. It took only two days, 2nd and 3rd of April 2002, to design, build and paint the stair.

There are also 6 garden chairs in The Village, which can be used by a person as well, anyhow, if some cats do not occupy the chairs! There are old pillows wrapped in plastic and covered with pillowslips in the chairs. The wrapping of the pillows and the mattress causes that the pillows and the mattress does not get soaked, and dries quickly after rain.

The last inventory in The Village is a very big "cat bed" at 4 m². Actually it is a big pallet delivered with some big Plexi-glass. The Plexi-glass is mounted on the outside of the net all around The Village. The Plexi-glass is about one meter high. I had to mount it because of some attempts of brake in to The Villages either by a fox or a badger.

The big "cat bed" is about 1 meter over the ground standing on 12 big concrete bricks meant for flower-beds, and to avoid painting the big pallet I have covered it with an oilcloth. In the summertime it is also covered with and old carpet

Beyond this entire inventory for the cats' enjoyment there is a big sand-box used as cats toilet and two logs for sharpening their claws and two bowls for water. There are never ever served food in The Village because the mentioned attempts of a brake in!

For the first two years there were 6 small 24 volts series connected lamps in The Village, but I had to remove them. Mice had found the thin core between the lamps as "sweets", and the ants meant that the lamp poles were the ideal place to live in! I am considering getting an electrician to install some real garden lamps for 220 volts. The cats are not afraid of the darkness, but it looks rather nice and cosy when the light is on in The Village in the wintertime.

I have had a very nice time designing, measuring, sawing and hammering, painting etc. and the cats love their village. There is not room for much more inventory in The Villages, so maybe I should consider installing:

Many kind regards from Ellen-Sofie, c.h.a.&c. *)


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