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If you do not like purring cats,  make them guiet below

When my husband and I bought Spurvely nobody had lived in the house for a few months, but a neighbour had kept an eye on it, mown the lawn, trimmed the hedge etc., and properly also fed the old grey cat, living in the garden.

In the beginning when we lived here, there were a lot to do inside the house, unpacking, arranging etc., so I did not meet the "Hvæseren" (The Hisser), as the old grey cat were to be called, very often. I think there were too much disturbances, so he did not show, but when I started my clearing the garden with chain saw and lopping shears, he followed my steps in a safe distance, properly to check, if I was a "cat-loving" person, who had entered his house.

So I were - - and am!

"Hvæseren" was the start to our "cats-stock". You can read the cats' stories by the lawn below.

I had not, when I met "Hvæseren", read this - - - well, anyway I don't think it have done any difference.

If a cat-loving person - or maybe a cat - wants to send a mail to my cats, do it here or use The Cats' Guestbook above/below.


Take a look under the lawn, to see who is hiding....














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