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If you do not want to listen to "Twiligth Time",
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The Danish part of this homepage was born the 8th of April at 18.56 UTC 2004.

A very good friend of mine was visiting me that day. She had been "kicking" me for some time, saying I had to get started on a homepage. I have had a program in my drawer for some months, but had been "too busy" doing other things!

Well, we had the computer on anyway to look at some digital photos, so maybe it was the time for installing the program, too - and so we did, i.e. she did. And before she left, the program was installed, a host was found, and I had made my very first page - although it was a little primitive.

The result: Well, you are looking at some of it right now.

And I became rather "hooked" - as we say in Danish too - and I am very grateful that my friend gave me "a kick", I had such a good time putting it together. But on the way in the "self-taughting process of building a homepage" I have:

Pulled my hair
Said: Ohhh - in that way!
Said: Hurray! It works!
Said: Damn!
Cried help: at people that I knew knew!
Laughed - sometimes a lot - at my own stupidity.
Laughed - a lot, too - because of so many funny things and possibilities
Grown a few more grey hairs - I think!
Gone to bed very late - and risen very early.
Visited the "whole wide world".
Met total strangers, nice and very helpful people.
Neglected - almost - my husband and the cats.
Talked a lot to whoever took the trouble to listen to me.
Had a very good time.
Drunk a lot of coffee and juice.
Etc. etc. etc.

And when all this is told, I want to say, too, that if anybody finds anything on my site belonging to them that I have used without permission or without linking to them from my site, send me an e-mail, and I will remove it from my site.

I still have some projects in mind to put on my site, but now I think the time has come for an English version, too. Some of the acquaintances I met in the "whole wide world" have expressed a wish to read - and understand - what all my cats have to tell - so this will be my next project.

Thank you for reading this. I do hope you will visit my page again some other time - maybe I have made some updates.

If you want to see a table of contents of my homepage you may visit The Archives - and I will very much appreciate if you will write a few words in my Guest-book. Thank you !

Kind regards, the webmaster, Fie (short for Ellen-Sofie)

Updated 29th of June 2005

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