Below you will find some awards, banners and quilts,
 and you are welcome to get some of them.
However, I want to know where my awards are shown,
Send me a mail and ask for the one you want,
and I will make it special for you.

Mail me here:

or sign my guestbook below :

If you do not want to listen to "Autumn Leaves",
while you are reading, stop it below

Size 250 x 203 pixels

Spurvely no. 1

Spurvely no. 2

Spurvely no. 3

Spurvely no. 4

Spurvely no. 5

Spurvely no. 6



If you want one of my banners, send me one of yours
 and I will put it on my link-banners page.

Mail me here or below:

 Size 400 x 72 pixels

Banner no. 1

Banner no. 2

Banner no. 3

Banner no. 4

Banner no. 5

Banner no. 6

Banner no. 7

Banner no. 8



Size 130 x 130 pixels


Visit Spurvely

Fie no. 1

Fie no. 2

Fie no. 3

Fie no. 4

Fie no. 5

Fie no. 6

Fie no. 7

Fie no. 8


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