Hvis du ikke har lyst til at høre "Loveletters in the Sand", mens du læser, kan du slå den fra nederst

 If you do not want to listen to "Loveletters in the Sand", while you are reading, stop it below

Klik på billedet og husk at skrive NAVNET, når du bestiller

Click the picture and request the letter by NAME

A list of wishes

Bringing home the three

Caring angel

Christmas Cat

Animated - Christmas dinner for elves

Christmas Pig

Christmas Preparation

Christmas Teddy

Disney Xmas get-together

Gingerbread House

Heigh - Sorry

Hoo - hoo - hoo

Animated - It might be too tall

Animated - Losing his head

Animated - Off for Australia

Playing with a puppet

Santa and piggie

Santa is on his way

Santa meets the Samians

Animated - Santa testing the toy

Santa with animals

Animated - Snowman's holiday

Wish upon a star

You are cheating

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